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Species Form: Insectoid
Traits: Alien Appearance (Major), Armour (Minor)

Physical Details

No Arms and Legs.
Heads: 1
Tails: 1
Unusual Appendages: 1
Sight: +1
Smell: +0
Hearing: +3
Taste: +0
Unusual Senses: 1 at +0


Tech Level: 10
Civilisation Type: Planetary
Species Aggression: Even Tempered
Sociopolitical Attitude: Conservative


Awareness: 1
Coordination: 3
Ingenuity: 6
Presence: 5
Resolve: 3
Strength: 1


Convince: 1
Craft: 1
Marksman: 2
Science: 3
Subterfuge: 1
Survival: 2
Transport: 1


By azimerthemad

“All right you primitive screwheads, listen up. I'm the Doctor, and if you don't get me what I need this in entire planet is going to blow up...maybe twice! Get me a sandwich, some gold, a...lampshade, and the most complicated piece of machinery you have. If I can reverse the whosiwatsit, you all may live. Well? Where's my sandwich!"

A backwater colony of meek but hard-working colonists have had their prayers answered; the Doctor has come to save them from the nefarious Dalek. Only problem; both are fake!


By Craig Oxbrow

The Scottish Highlands. A group of backpackers trudge through a mist-shrouded valley, arguing over where the hostel is supposed to be and why they haven't found it yet, when one of them sees something gleam in the darkness, calls to the others and heads off to take a look. Then a scream echoes through the glen. Running up, his friends find no sign of him. And then something swoops down on them as well.


By Null and Void

New New York is troubled by a series of brutal murders that appear to be escalating. Victims are quite literally torn apart and partially eaten. The TARDIS crew is caught up in it... perhaps even as suspects, though this should be cleared up pretty quickly.

The first suspects of this will naturally be the Macra, who still lurk in the very lowest levels of the motorways, and an exploration of that area may be full of danger and excitement.


From the Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff blog (link posted by Siskoid)

During the events that took place in Doctor Who Story “Doomsday”, a lone Dalek fighting over Cardiff was ordered into the Rift to investigate. Protected by the Rift energy, the Dalek was saved from the fate of the Daleks and the Cybermen – but left the rift some 4 years later. Only to find its shields had been compromised by the very thing that had saved it.

Going into hiding, the Dalek monitored news reports and found an opportunity when a meteorite landed outside of Cardiff.


From the allgeektout blog (link posted by Siskoid)

Why do the aliens always attack Earth? When Donna pops home for a quick visit to the family, she and the Doctor discover the Roboforms are back on Earth, under the control of yet another hostile invader. Whoever is the alien is the culprit, so they start searching for other signs of alien life – only to find that a number of the Doctor’s old enemies are back. Which one out of the bunch is the culprit?


From the allgeektout blog (link posted by Siskoid)

On the planet of Dydd, one side of the planet always faces the sun, leaving it in constant sunlight. Blessed with the eternal light, Dydd is home to one of the most beautiful sights in their galactic quadrant – the Sun-Touched Gardens of Northern Dydd.


By Craig Oxbrow

1884. A cargo hauler approaches the London docks with a cargo retrieved from a wreck in the Mediterranean. And clawed hands grab the dangling guy rope and something hauls itself up, to bear down on one of the crew...

The TARDIS arrives near the docks, where the ship was hauled in empty with some cargo missing as well as the crew, and traces of blood. The owner of the vanished cargo, shipping magnate Layton Mercier, is furious, claiming that the cargo contained archaeological finds from Atlantis. And 1884's a little early to discover Atlantis, isn't it?


By mhopcroft

The TARDIS materializes in a 37th Century art museum, one of the finest in the galaxy with one of the universe's best collection of paintings from "ancient" Earth. But the Doctor notices something wrong: many of these pictures are known to have been destroyed in various wars and conflicts over the centuries. The pictures are all genuine, so what are they doing here intact?

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