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By Null and Void

The TARDIS and crew are in central Africa for some reason. It’s a beautiful land, and the savannah is alive with all sorts of animals. Perhaps the crew have been there helping a local village dig a well, or distributing vaccinations or food. Or maybe they are just enjoying life.


By skagra

In the classic seventh Doctor comic A Cold Day In Hell, the Doctor and Frobisher encounter a Dreilyn - also known as a heat vampire. Dreilyns survive by siphoning body heat from other lifeforms. Usually only small amounts that go unnoticed, but in this story she was starved due to extreme cold and was leeching lethal amounts.


From the Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff blog (link posted by Siskoid)

What if the Doctor, being chased through time ‘disturbed’ the fabric of the Universe.

The Daleks want the TARDIS, and using their crude Time Travel Technology have built a scanner that can track the TARDIS so they know where the TARDIS will be before it lands there. Although the Daleks attempted this in the first Doctor Story “The Chase” – they never tried pre-empting the Doctors Movements - each time the TARDIS lands, the Daleks are waiting for the Doctor – and chaos ensues.


By The Handyman / allenshock

I have an idea swimming around in my brain for an adventure involving these elements:

- The Doctor (or a PC Time Lord and his Companions) arriving in Chicago on February 15th, 1929, the day after the St. Valentines Day Massacre

- Their arrival would be outside of the infamous "Al Capone's Vault" (see, Rivera, Geraldo and "biggest jokes in American television") which is really just a secret storage room for as-yet-unused bottles for illicit booze


By ugavine and Craig Oxbrow

Pre-credits of a three-masted ship being battered by a fierce storm... and something monstrous clambering on board, drawing a cutlass and bearing down on the captain.

Port Royal, 1692. Centre of British power in Jamaica and the Caribbean, home berth to the Royal Navy's pirate-hunters while still quietly welcoming pirates there to fence their loot. Best to watch your step in case of press gangs or cutpurses.


From the Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff blog (link posted by Siskoid)

This “Short Trip” could be used either as a Torchwood story or as a Doctor Who story; it’s entirely up the Games Master.

Mary a young single mother is tormented by dreams of fairies – not the cute little glowing balls of light associated with children’s stories – but rather the dark, dangerous, and sinister kind as seen in the Torchwood Series One Story “Small Worlds“.


Adapted by renegadetimelord from the FASA RPG scenario

The time travellers find themselves aboard a medical frigate completing a courier run to the Maia system. The people of that system have been struck by a plague, the cure for which can only be synthesized from materials available outside the system. The medical frigate crew show determination in their task, but significant paranoia about the strangers in their midst, as the medicine they carry holds an intrinsic and significant value on the black market.


From the allgeektout blog (link posted by Siskoid)

Kronos, the manufacturer of fine intergalactic watches (Knows where you are and changes the time automatically, regardless of time system - guaranteed!) has just announced their intention to relocate their operations to the recently discovered AX-435132, aka the Telos Nebula. Unfortunately, as soon as they flip the switch and turn on their plant, something starts to go horribly wrong.


By sutekh

The basic premise is to run an adventure set in an isolated location that is under threat from a malevolent alien force. The location where the adventure takes place should be enclosed and self-contained. This helps to impose a sense of claustrophobia and impending menace.


By giftedmunchkin

“What are you doing, though?” asked Donna.

“I told you,” said the Doctor, spinning a wheel on the TARDIS’ control panel, “I’m initiating a protocol that will adjust the wavelengths of the ambient levels within the TARDIS, interpolating the air around us.”

“But what does that mean?” asked Donna. She always got frustrated when he did this, running about the TARDIS flipping this switch and that dongle without explaining it. In response, he took a lever on the console and abruptly pulled it down. He grinned madly as “Under the Sea” started playing in the air.

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