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By sutekh

The idea of running an adventure that features Cleopatra and the Daleks is excellent, as are the references to the Osirians. For what it's worth, here's my own quick suggestion for an adventure using these elements...

It is the year 41 BC and Queen Cleopatra VII is the ruler of Ptolemaic Egypt. The Roman Civil War is in full swing but the outcome is still uncertain. Cleopatra recently met Mark Antony in Tarsus and has invited him to spend the winter with her in Alexandria.


By ugavine

Major characters
Queen Cleopatra - the actual Cleopatra.
Wychbold - a space traveller who has crashed.

The Daleks Plan


By Null and Void

The TARDIS crew materializes in Nottingham, England in the year 1210AD. With any luck, the players will split up, but if there needs to be, a brief fight might ensue between bandits and soldiers, with some of the crew escaping with the Bandits, and others being captured by the soldiers.

Plenty of people will be thrilled by the prospect of meeting the real Robin Hood... which is where the fun comes in.


From the allgeektout blog (link posted by Siskoid)

On the planet of Thorthasn, the people take energy from radio waves that echo around the atmosphere of the planet. These waves are only broadcast for part of the year though, and they hibernate for the rest. When the Doctor and his companions arrive, they come just when it’s time for the hibernation to end. Eager to show his companions the celebration that occurs, the Doctor quickly sets up a brief camp and sets his scanners to detect the growing power of the waves.


By JohnK


By dvalkyrie74

Travelling through Time and Space, the randomizer has been used to give the players and interesting surprise of where the TARDIS will bring them. After several hours of flight time, they land on Pandora - one of the smallest moons of Saturn.


From the allgeektout blog (link posted by Siskoid)

So the TARDIS crash lands. Normal enough – it’s Wednesday. Since it takes the internals of the ship a little while to recalibrate, the Doctor and his companions decide to take a quick jaunt onto the surface of the planet they’ve landed in.


From the Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff blog (link posted by Siskoid)

A bunch of ‘new agers’ visiting village of Devil's End (as in the classic Jon Pertwee Doctor Who Story “The Daemons”) in Wiltshire on April 27, to celebrate the pagan festival of Beltane on April 30th. Whilst rooting around the ruins of the Church, they find partial remains of an old seemingly occult tome.

Chanting from the remains of the Book they provide enough psionic energy for Azal to begin manifesting himself.


By mhopcroft

It is the island of St. Helena in the year 1821. Napoleon Bonaparte, once master of Europe and now a defeated exile, waits alone to die. One of the attending physicians has some strange objects in his bag...

Five hundred years later, the planet Hesperus is involved in a global war. The TARDIS crew finds themselves caught on a battlefield of that war. After several narrow escapes, they are captured and brought before the commander of one of the forces -- and discover, to their astonishment, that he looks exactly like Napoleon Bonaparte.


By ugavine

Just thought I'd share an adventure idea I'm planning on including in my campaign.

I guess the idea is a bit of a mix of Amy's Choice and Chimes of Midnight and is planned for a Time Lord/The Doctor and companions.

The TARDIS lands in a large house where they are immediately told they are late. Shown into the Drawing Room the group are introduced to Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlett, Rudolf Plum and Clegg from Last of the Summer Wine amongst others. The lady doing the introductions is Miss Marple. There are others in the house also as you see fit.

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