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  • Forums for Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space
  • Homepage for Cubicle 7, writers of the the RPG


  • CURSE OF THE CONQUEROR Posted by Trevellian and eryx. Link to Time Lord scenario by Marcus L. Rowland
  • THE CURSE OF THE CYCLOPS Posted by Trevellion and khelbiros. Scenario included within the Time Lord rules
  • EARTHBOUND TIMELORDS SCENARIOS Posted by khelbiros. Link to four systemless Doctor Who scenarios by the Earthbound Timelords: Timetrap, Keep the Piece, Mirror of the Past and The Curse of the Amaorian Sector
  • GRAVEYARD OF THE CYBERMEN DWAITAS scenario by cyberjay
  • RESOURCES FOR ROLE-PLAYING DOCTOR WHO Posted by Trevellian and khelbiros. The following link goes to a page which provides various resources for Time Lord and the FASA RPG, plus several generic Doctor Who adventure outlines
  • RPG ARCHIVE Posted by Trevellian. Link to two Time Lord scenarios by James White: Exterminate! and Fearful Symmetry
  • THE VILLAGE OF HARMONY Posted by Trevellian. The following link is to a Doctor Who meets The Prisoner scenario for Time Lord by Adrian Middleton & Steve Graeme
  • THE WHITSUN WARDWAITAS scenario by knasser